Pressure Washer Electric - 1000 p.s.i.

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Equipment Information

4-Way Equipment Rentals rents both electric and gas driven pressure washers. Our electric 1000 PSI pressure washer is perfect for small jobs on residential projects. Spray down siding, clean paint off the deck, wash windows and clean the driveway. 

Pressure - P.S.I. 1000
Volume - G.P.M. 2.1
Motor - H.P. 1.5
Volt / Phase / Amp 115 / 1 / 15
Hose 50' x 3/8"
Gun 4000 PSI, 300° F
Wand 36" Insulated
Nozzles 15-25-40°, soap
Chemical Downstream
L/W/H/ 40" x 20" x 23"
Weight - Kg. 45

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