Gantry Crane, 2 Ton Capacity

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2 Ton

4-Way Equipment Rentals rents gantry cranes. These gantry cranes have a 2 ton capacity with your choice of 7, 8, 9, 10, 12 and 15 foot beams. We also rent the trolley that attaches to the crane. Main applications included lifting generators through elevator shafts in high rise buildings, lifting motors for repair in power or water plants, and moving landscaping rocks and features into difficult areas. 

The EME Gantry Crane features: 

  • All aluminum construction which is lightweight, easy to transport, and is easily assembled
  • 3 Piece Design for quick setup, teardown, simple 4 bolt ground-up assembly
  • Fully Adjustable with simple 4 bolt adjustment for lift height and clear span
  • Powder Coat Finish for easy clean up, ideal for use in clean rooms, labs, hospitals
  • Locking Casters for independent swivel and roll for full operator control
  • 2 standard models with lift capacity of 4400 lb. a GANTRY Crane for any job
  • Custom Models with lift heights to 17 ft., beam lengths to 30 ft., winch equipped, cantilever
  • Locking Surround Beam Trolley including surrounds beam, for prevention of derailment
  • Gr. 9 Fasteners that are plated for corrosion resistance, extreme strength Padded Handles to assist in height adjustment, handles on beams for easy carrying

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