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4-Way Equipment Rentals rents Doosan 375 CFM air compressors. These units come standard wtih centralized fluid drain ports and side-by-side coolers for easier serviceability The cool box design enables air to enter the compressor and flow over internal components, keeping internal temperatures low. It features full stainless steel lockable enclosures and are powered with a mechanical Cummins 3.9 liter engine. They also have an option to mount on vibration isolators replacing the standard running gear. The HP375 produces150 psi of air pressure, and the XP375 produces 125 psi of air pressure. Both models produce 375 cfm of air flow. The HP935 produces 150 psi of air pressure and 935 cfm of air flow and is powered by a 10.8-liter mechanical Cummins M11 engine.


XP375WJD-T3 Air Compressor:

Free-Air Delivery - cfm (m³/min)375 (10.6)

Rated operating Pressure - psig (bar)125 (8.6)

Pressure range - psig (bar)80-150 (5.5-10.3)

Air Discharge outlet size - in (mm)1.25 (31.8)

Air Discharge outlet Quantity1,25

Fuel Tank Capacity - gal (L)60 (227)


Make/modelJohn Deere/4045H

Emissions Tier LevelTier 3

Number of Cylinders4

Displacement - cu in (L)276 (4.5)

Rated speed - rpm2200

Idle speed - rpm1500

Bhp @ rated speed (kW)125


DIMENSIONS w/ running gear

Length - in (mm)158.3 (4021)

Width - in (mm)78.1 (1984)

Height - in (mm)68 (1727)

Track Width - in (mm)66.2 (1681)

Tire size - in15

Shipping Weight - w/o fuel - lb (kg)4173 (1872)

Working Weight - w fuel - lb (kg)4593 (2083)

DIMENSIONS w/o running gear

Length - in (mm)104 (2642)

Width - in (mm)60 (1524)

Height - in (mm)56.8 (1442)

Shipping Weight - w/o fuel - lb (kg)3861 (1751)

Working Weight - w fuel - lb (kg)4281 (1941


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