CH5000 Ground Heater - 500,000 BTU

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4-Way Equipment Rentals rents the Wacker Neuson CH5000 Ground Heater. This heater is designed to do both air and surface heating. Start by thawing the ground and then keep for air heating once you're at lock up stage. Thaw and cure up to 30,000 square feet when you add on additional pump packs and hose handling systems. Ask us about getting a full set up quote for placement, set up, tear down and monitoring your next thawing frozen ground job. 




 CH 5000 (0620240)




 189 in. (480 cm)




 95 in. (241.3 cm)




 98 in. (248.9 cm)




 With Fuel: 10,800 lbs. (4,853 kg)
Without Fuel: 8,925 lbs. (4,084 kg)
Generator: 1,050 lbs. (476 kg)


 Gross Vehicle Wt Rating (GVWR)


 11,750 lbs. (5,329 kg)


 Gross Axle Wt Rating (GAWR)


 6,000 lbs. (2,721 kg)


 Fuel Type


 Winter blend


 Fuel Tank Capacity


 250 gal. (946 l)


 Fuel Consumption


 With Generator: 4.53 gph (17.14 lph)
Without Generator: 3.93 gph (14.87 lph)


 Run Time


 Up to 100 hrs.


 Operating Range


 165 - 180° F (74 - 82° C)




 Thaw & Cure: 10,000 sq. ft./hr. (929 m²/h)
Cure with Accessories: 30,000 sq. ft./hr. (2,787 m²/h)




 550,000 BTU/h (161 kWh)




 16 in. (406 mm)




 LT 235/85R16E
Rating: 3,040 lbs. (1,379 kg)
Pressure: 80 psi (5.51 bar)


 Tongue Weight


 Minimum: 679 lbs. (308 kg)
Maximum: 1,204 lbs. (546 kg)




 Axle Rating: 6,000 lbs. (2,721 kg)
Spring Rating: 3,500 lbs. (1,587 kg)


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