70 CFM Air Compressor

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4-Way Equipment Rentals rents the Con-X 70 CFM Air Compressor; a remarkably light, quiet and compact compressor with retractable handles and pneumatic tires, allowing for one person to transport it. The benifits of this compressor is that it can fit through the smallest of openings and is powerful enough for the largest of job sites. It's the perfect solution at any site!

  • Portable - can operate a 90 lbs class breaker & doesn’t need to be towed; creating a package that is for power & portability, like no other!
  • High Performance - X AIR oil injected rotary screw features a new rotor profile derived from the very latest compressed air technology, resulting in an extremely durable, efficient and high performance air end.
  • Economical to run - variable idle control gives you very fast throttle response for power on demand. Engine idles until power is required, making it very economical.

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