I Don't Have Enough Power!

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There are many times when you need a generator. Whether its for a wedding, a jobsite or an business emergency, getting the right kind of generator for your situation is essential. But often times, the wrong generator shows up on site. Why is that? Does you know exactly what you need or is the rental staff that don't know their product well enough? In fact, its usually a bit of both scenarios. Getting the right generator customers is kind of like being a doctor. You have to ask lots of questions in order to give the right diagnosis or you end up with the wrong prescription.  If you're a customer reading this, the best thing you can do for yourself and the rental centre is to find out how many appliances/tools/equipment you have and what power they draw. Here's how:

  • Determine the total wattage of the load(s).   
    Watts=volts×amps         1000 watts= 1 kw
  • Determine the system voltage and phases. (ie. 120/240v single phase, 120/208v 3 phase, 277/480v 3 phase)
  •  Determine the total motor starting KVA. ( if any)  

The consequences of have the wrong size generator can bring you HUGE problems that cost you money:

  • Wetstacking: Generator is too big for the load resulting in un-burnt fuel (carbon) building up in the exhaust and valves. Could cause engine malfunction.
  • Excess fuel consumption - the generator is to big for the load. You end up wasting fuel to power a hand drill.
  • Waste of money - why pay for a 50 kilowatt generator when a 14 kilowatt will do! A smaller generator also means a lower rental rate and less fuel to pay for.
  • Blowing breakers - generator is two small. This can be a frustrating exercise having to reset breakers all the time or dealing with equipment that is just not working.

So in summary, take time to find out the power requirements of your equipment. It ensures the rental centre gets you the correct generator which can save you hundreds or even thousands of dollars!